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UV Consultants is now Coach Skills Training

Ever since we revealed our decision to transition from "UV Consultants" to "Coach Skills Training," the recurring question has been, "Why the change?" After a decade of dedicated efforts to establish "UV Consultants" as a reputable brand, there's understandable curiosity about why we would willingly relinquish the associated benefits.

The impetus behind this shift is intricately tied to the broader vision we harbor for our business. Initially, we embarked on this journey as a training company dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals to manifest their utmost potential.

However, with time, we recognized that while our endeavors positively impacted numerous entities, we aspired to touch even more lives. Our aim evolved into creating a community of empowered individuals who uplift themselves and extend their influence by coaching and training others.

Our mission is clear: to furnish coaches with the necessary accreditations and skills, enabling them to unlock their highest potential and propel their coaching careers to new heights. 

Our vision extends beyond individual empowerment to establishing a dynamic and diverse global community comprising trained, experienced, and accredited coaches. 

This community, in turn, is poised to contribute positively toward fostering a brighter and more optimistic world.

Pursuing these ideals, we sought a business name that resonates with our mission and vision, leading us to "Coach Skills Academy."

As we embrace this new brand starting January 1, 2024, we aspire to impact the lives of countless individuals on a global scale. 

Through our services, we aim to play a small yet meaningful role in making the world a better place for all.

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