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Chief Learning Curator

Nitten Mahadik is a Mindfulness Coach and a certified teacher of SIY (Search Inside Yourself) offering mindfulness courses in over 20 countries for over a decade. He is  a ‘People Enabler’ who has trained more than 40,000 people in various organizations and has addressed over 20,000 people through his public programs.

Using Mindfulness, Nitten has developed and delivered be-spoke workshops for clients on Mindfulness-based emotional Intelligence, Managing Change and Improving Resilience and Well-being. The emphasis of his workshops is to help people learn specific tools and apply the learning in their day-to-day life.

Being a trained actor from the Jeff Goldberg studio and a theatre artist who has delivered more than 100 performances, his narrative style is unique and engaging. In his workshops he blends the understanding of theatre, mindfulness and inputs from neuro-science combined with engaging style of storytelling.

Nitten Mahadik specializes in the following modules:

  • Mindfulness workshops

  • Well-being through Mindfulness

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