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Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer Bootcamp

(Blended learning format: 60 hours of online instructor-led sessions, complemented by 66 hours of reading assignments, coaching practice, and project work)

Our Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer bootcamp is a program that delivers exceptional value in terms of time and money. Distinguished by its innovative approach, this boot camp seamlessly integrates Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts with coaching principles, making it especially beneficial for coach practitioners. The program not only equips participants with a myriad of tools for reference but also enables them to achieve certification as Emotional Intelligence Trainers.

Brought to you by UV Consultants in association with NLP Coaching Academy, this boot camp is built upon extensive literature derived from meticulous research and the diverse perspectives of past participants. It empowers individuals to develop emotional intelligence for personal growth, coaching, and the ability to impart EI knowledge as certified Trainers. 

Acknowledging the intricate tapestry of emotions within us, the bootcamp emphasizes establishing a harmonious relationship with one's own feelings when engaging with others. It is highly recommended for those seeking advancement in relationship management through enhanced self-awareness and social awareness.

This Emotional Intelligence (EI) boot camp caters to individuals interested in acquiring skills for self-improvement, self-regulation, and the effective application of knowledge, tools, and techniques for personal growth. Additionally, it offers training on utilizing EI tools, techniques, and coaching methodologies to facilitate behaviour change as an Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner. The subsequent segment of the program delves even deeper into EI, providing an expanded toolkit and comprehensive understanding of how EI can be harnessed for personal development, as well as for coaching, and also for implementing corporate programs with teams and groups, ultimately leading to peak performance. The final part of the program, at the Trainer level, equips participants with the necessary skills to deliver EI-based programs for individuals or corporate entities.


19 Days Online Format


Online (5:30 PM - 08:30 PM GST)


Guaranteed Best Program Support

Course 1: Licensed EI Coach Practitioner ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, book reading assignment)

Who is this program designed for? – It caters to individuals who aspire to approach both themselves and others with empathy and develop resilience. Those in leadership roles or seeking to influence others will find our program particularly valuable and impactful. We’ve observed that participants who possess a keen interest in uncovering insights about themselves and others, and are dedicated to steering conversations towards mutually beneficial outcomes, consistently derive immense value from our offerings. This program is crafted to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Since emotions are a universal aspect of human experience, acquiring proficiency in this universal language proves instrumental in personal advancement and achievement.

Teaching Methodology – We employ a diverse learning approach tailored to accommodate the various learning styles of our participants. This encompasses instructor-guided learning, interactive breakout sessions, live demonstrations, reflective sessions, and designated Q&A segments integrated within each session.

Business Advantages – This program will heighten your self-awareness and enhance your communication skills, ultimately fostering growth in your business and career. Understanding oneself enables the alignment of existing resources with the objective of progressing towards success. Additionally, proficiency in handling people’s emotions aids in building successful and meaningful relationships.

Individual Gains – Applying these principles will markedly enhance your personal life, fostering stronger relationships and connections while contributing to greater harmony and tranquility in your everyday existence.

Course Syllabus:

The Course Covers the following elements:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Different ways to structure a Coaching contract/assignment with corporate clients

  • Difference between EI based Coaching and other frameworks

  • Competencies of EI

  • EI Competency Assessment (Self assessments) – Interpretation and putting a plan together

  • EI Competency Assessments (360 degree assessments) – Interpretation and putting a plan together

  • EI Derailer Detector

  • EI Coaching Framework

  • Understanding the difference between Emotions and Feelings, and how to build self-control

  • Self-Management Tools

  • EI Tools and Coaching using Neuroscience tools for self-coaching and coaching others

            – Self Awareness

            – Affect Labeling

            – Shuttling exercise

            – Reappraisal

            – Trigger Listing

            – Emotion vs Reason list

            – Reframing

            – Possibility listing

            – Contextualization practice

            – Building trust

            – Journaling

            +++ many more

  • Emotional Auditing and Neuroscience mapping for self-coaching and coaching others

  • Emotional Style Assessment and Neural Correlation

  • Tools to build Neural pathways using Neuroscience awareness to balance our emotional styles

  • Coaching using Neuroscience ~ Latest advancement in Emotional Intelligence

  • Brains braking system and how to use it for Coaching

  • Coaching case studies using Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

  • Human Brain for a Coach and coaching interventions

  • Brain Coaching Fundamentals based on functionality of the brain, and brain science

  • Neurotransmitters and Hormones and coaching interventions

Course 2Licensed EI Coach Master Practitioner ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, reading assignment + coaching practice + project work)

Course Overview – This program features a unique design with a dual purpose:

The aim of this course is to empower coaches with an additional coaching approach centered on Emotional Intelligence. It is designed to assist participants in delving into their coaching vision and identity, while guiding them in self-assessing their coaching performance and approach. This equips them with insights into the process of behavioral change, which can be applied with senior leaders, current clients, family members, and oneself.

The goal is to provide aspiring trainers with a structured training design framework, enabling them to create their own program focused on Emotional Intelligence.

Who is it suited for? – This program is designed for individuals seeking to expand their repertoire of coaching and training tools, with an abundant supply of literature and techniques centered around EI. It caters to those dedicated to facilitating success for themselves and their colleagues. We’ve observed that participants embodying these qualities consistently derive significant value from our offerings. The program is equally beneficial for both new and seasoned coaches.

Teaching Methodology – We employ a diverse learning approach tailored to accommodate the various learning styles of our participants. This encompasses instructor-guided learning, interactive breakout sessions, live demonstrations, reflective sessions, and designated Q&A segments integrated within each session. Throughout the course, we will delve into various concepts and tools that foster personal insights in others and facilitate personal growth.

Business Advantages – This program will markedly enhance your coaching skills, enabling you to effectively coach yourself, your organization, and your clients. Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to streamline coaching for improved productivity, performance, and personal development in your clients. Moreover, you’ll be equipped to design programs on Leadership with Emotional Intelligence as the core methodology for developing your talent pool. This will further bolster your credibility as a valuable solution provider within your organization.

Individual Gains – Emotional Intelligence holds significant importance, and when nurtured, provides the chance to experience a more gratifying and contented life, leading to emotional well-being. As humans are a combination of both mind and body, harmony and peace are achieved through the practice of EI. This course aids individuals in fostering behaviorally intelligent interactions and enables the development of a resilient mindset to effectively manage change and complexity within their personal environment.

Course Syllabus:

The Course Covers the following elements:

  • Anatomy of emotions

  • What impacts your emotions

  • How to manage your emotions (Tools and strategies)

  • How to use emotions to Grow (Tools and strategies)

  • Self-confidence (Tools and strategies)

  • Enhancing communication and Empathy (Tools and strategies)

  • Team-work and collaboration (Tools and strategies)

  • Developing others (Tools and strategies)

  • Happiness and Peak Performance at work place (Tools and strategies)

Post-Course Benefits – Upon completion, you will depart with a potent, established coaching process and framework that can be applied to benefit yourself, your clients, and those significant to you. Moreover, you will have honed your coaching skills and proficiency. Emotional intelligence serves as the intersection of cognition and emotion, enhancing our aptitude for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and our ability to discern and navigate a wide array of social scenarios and conflicts. Incorporating and cultivating emotional intelligence in the workplace can markedly enhance both job performance and the social adeptness of individuals within that professional setting.

Course 3: Licensed EI Trainer ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, reading assignment + coaching practice + project work)

Course Overview

This instructor-led online training program is crafted to empower participants in cultivating exceptional training and facilitation abilities. The course offers tangible strategies and hands-on practice for proficiently managing both online and classroom training sessions. Participants will gain knowledge and proficiency in tools and techniques to ignite a passion for learning and explore innovative learning avenues. They will acquire the expertise to skillfully establish a rapport with the group, engage participants effectively, and address any learning disparities. Additionally, participants will learn to tailor their communication style to suit their audience and enhance their training effectiveness by applying sound learning principles, harnessing their voice, and leveraging their charisma for superior outcomes.


Who will benefit ?

This session is designed for trainers specializing in leadership development, sales, team facilitation, soft skills, as well as aspiring trainers aiming to deliver Emotional Intelligence training and other behavioral training programs.

Program Content and Benefits

 1.Structure & Content

  • Structuring Content based on the competencies and the elicited learning outcomes/objectives of the session

  • Planning the training process and cycle based on the ‘what’, ‘How’ and “what if’


2.Group Behaviour Management

  • Discovering your trainee’s learning style and strategy based on the principles of adult learning

  • Setting expectations to facilitate better understanding on content and context.

  • Choosing training methodology and learning sequence

3.Framing your Presentation

  • Creating, Managing and Enhancing Group Rapport and learn the rules of engagement

  • Learn how to Manage your schedule, group problems and group dynamics


4.Presentation skills and Communication Enhancement

  • State usage: Getting participants into resourceful states by using powerful state management techniques and developing skills to manage difficult trainees

  • Voice Usage: Learn the powerful tools to use voice to increase overall engagement, group rapport, and induce states.

  • Spatial Choreography: Learn how to use space and your gestures to create unconscious deeper level engagement, learning and deeper connection.

  • Handling Questions effectively using powerful tools to create enriching experience for your audience.

  • Patterns for preparing yourself to becoming a confident and congruent presenter

Acquire over 75 essential insights and tools for mastering training and presentation skills.

Certifications – All credentials will be issued by the NLP Coaching Academy and endorsed by IAPCCT.


Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner


Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach Practitioner


Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer

About the Trainer


Lead Trainer


Vikram Dhar is an internationally acclaimed ICF Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach and an NLP Trainer & Coach who facilitates NLP and Coaching programs across the globe.  He is also a Licensed Behavioral Master Trainer, Licensed Meta-NLP Trainer certified by Michael Hall (co-founder of Neuro-Semantics) and Certified NLP Trainer (ABNLP, USA) and Member NLP Trainer (ANLP, UK).  Vikram is also a Licensed NLP Coach (Certified by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP) and has attended the International NLP Coach & New Code Practitioner training directly with John Grinder (co-founder of NLP). 

Vikram has been listed by Global Gurus in the World's Top 30 NLP Professionals for 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024. He has also been listed among the top 100 coaches globally in 2017, 2020, 2023 & 2024 and was presented with the “Talent Award” during the world coaching summit for his tremendous contribution to the world of coaching. He has co-authored the book "The Ultimate Coaching Guide".​

He is the founder of “NLP Coaching Academy”, holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Bradley University, USA and is a modern day Business Growth Hacker and a Business Coach. In his corporate career, he has worked with market leaders in many roles, including but not limited to IT Risk Management, Cyber Security, Business Sales, Leadership & Team Development and Leadership Coaching for over a decade and half.

For more info or to register write to or call +971 4 852 5752 | +971 50 670 5615.

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