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CSA Advantage

We are committed to providing coaches with an unmatched standard of training and it is our aim to be able to support and uplift our clients so that they can achieve and unlock their highest potential

We promise to deliver our clients with the assured results by providing them with the best possible standard in training. Equipped with a hybrid method of teaching, we deliver excellence to all our clients by providing them with hands-on training techniques that is suited for their schedules and needs, as we understand that every coach is unique, and a cookie-cutter method will not help achieve the fullest capability of the training. 

By joining Coach Skills Academy (CSA), you will be able to:

  • Access programs in multiple countries around the world

  • Learn from the best and most well-known trainers and mentors

  • Be a part of a Global coaching community. 

  • Attend regular and free education sessions from experts in various fields

  • Receive guidance to set up a coaching business from established professionals

  • Attain an opportunity to give back to the society through our “Because we Care” voluntary coaching initiative. “Because we Care" also helps our coaches to get hands- on coaching experience by coaching people with varied challenges

  • Gain access to a ready-made portal for new coaches to immediately kickstart their coaching business after certification. 

  • Practice coaching skills through regular peer to peer coaching with the worldwide network of CSA coaches

  • Get an opportunity to collaborate with CSA and be a CSA associate partner for a specific territory.

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