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Skill Value

The Professional Official Assistant


Successful office assistants have an assured professionalism about them which speaks volumes about the organization itself. They do not let personal differences stand in the way of professionalism. The professional office assistant must have excellent communication skills, office skills in terms of filing, preparing for meetings, interacting and dealing with people both face to face and over the telephone and excellent oral and written communication capabilities not to mention a positive demeanor. This one-day workshop is about working to the best of your abilities, and encouraging the best in those who work with you, or for you.

Who should attend?

Office Assistants, Secretaries, people in Customer Service and those aspiring for an administrative position.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the Qualities and core competencies of an executive assistant 

  • How to make yourself invaluable to your Company 

  • The efficacies of Effective Communication 

  • How active listening enhances your productivity 

  • Managing emotions while communicating 

  • Self-Management, Knowing who you are and achieving the most from you 

  • Time Management – How to Organize, Plan, Prioritize and set smart goals 

  • Teamwork – Working with your team, Dealing with difficult People 

  • Collaborating with your team and Learning to say No 

  • Managing Stress at the workplace 

  • Writing skills – Understanding, Formatting Emails and Reports

Applicational Value

  • Understand and imbibe the skills involved in having a professional presence on the job. 

  • Self-management to become more effective and efficient. 

  • Improved communications skills, including listening, questioning, and being more assertive. 

  • Increased effectiveness in recognizing and managing conflict, and dealing with difficult people

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