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Leadership Value

Stratergies for Business Leadership


This workshop is a tool for leadership development. It is designed to help participants create and accomplish their personal best, and to help lead others to get extraordinary things done. At its core, leadership means setting goals, lighting a path, and persuading others to follow. But the responsibility entails much more. Leaders must get their message out in a way that inspires, make the most of their limited time, and build roads to precious resources. They must negotiate alliances, improve their colleagues, and align the ambitions of the many with the needs of the organization. This module helps you develop all those faculties.

Who should attend?

Managers – all levels - Junior Managers, Senior Managers, Aspiring Managers, Entrepreneurs

Learning Objectives

  • Define your role as a manager and identify how that role differs from other roles you have had.

  • Understand the management challenge and the new functions of management. 

  • Discover how you can prepare for and embrace the forces of change. 

  • Identify ways to get you and your workspace organized and get a jump on the next crisis. 

  • Identify your leadership profile and explore ways to use this knowledge to improve your success as a manager. 

  • Enhance your ability to communicate with others in meetings and through presentations. 

  • Create an action plan for managing your career success.

Applicational Value

  • Developed executives with the capability of integrating knowledge of core business functions Executives learn to experiment and innovate 

  • Developed leadership profile 

  • Better engagement with their workforce

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