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Workplace Value

Change Management


Change is disruptive and, at times, traumatic. Many people dread change and refuse to accept it as an inevitable part of organizational life, quintessential for progress. This session helps the audience to anticipate change, catalyze it and manage it in a positive manner. In addition, organizations learn to conduct a unit-by-unit change-readiness assessment, develop more participative approaches on how everyday business is handled, give people a voice and drive out fear and mistrust. In our participative workshop practical tips on helping people adapt.

Who should attend?

Senior managers, Managers and Associated personnel responsible for restructuring and managing change within their organization.

Learning Objectives

  • The dynamics of change 

  • The role of resilience in change 

  • The steps involved in managing change 

  • The importance of establishing a sense of urgency 

  • How to manage resistance to change at the structural and emotional level 

  • How to influence without exerting authority 

  • Getting the buy-in for seamless change 

  • Empowering towards management’s vision

Applicational Value

  • Tools for managing the Change curve: Shock - Denial - Anger - Suppression - Acceptance - Integration

  • Participants will work on developing an action plan to manage change using the Eight Step tool

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